Taking The Siding to the Top

How did The Siding Petersham get #1 leads on

After a few months in the market, we’re thrilled to report that The Siding, Deicorp’s latest residential precinct in Petersham, is the number one development on generating both engagement and leads.

So, how did we do it?

1. Creative that’s actually creative

Time and time again, we see property project marketing with the same look. A mystical-sounding name in a beautifully-kerned type face, over a ‘jaw-dropping’ CGI. It’s become boring. Buyers don’t buy it anymore!

The Siding established something new: a retro connection to Petersham’s rich heritage, but also in-line with today’s pop culture styles. We led with the branding first – and that branding was cool.

2. Capturing the true essence of the location

Why the name ‘The Siding’? Well, the siding is the piece of railway track that adjoins the main line where trains rest while they await their next movement. There was no better word to describe this development, which is adjacent to Petersham train station. Supported by a strong look and feel, we were able to envision a place with pulse; where residents can relax, play and enjoy life as they move forward into the future.

3. Finding, then writing, the romance

With our brand identity sorted, we turned to the suburb that surrounds The Siding. While not as popular as nearby hotspots Newtown or Stanmore, Petersham is a hidden gem of the Inner West with a plethora of lifestyle experiences to explore. We meticulously sought out the area’s must-dos and must-sees, then presented them to the buyers as an unmissable package deal with The Siding’s array of amenities.

4. Bringing the project to life with CGI and video

Every new project will produce 3D renders that display the physical nature of their development. However, few will transport the buyers into the precinct like we did. Utilising a skilful integration of CGI animation and motion production with real-life talent, we told a glamorous story of life at The Siding – prompting viewers to imagine themselves as future residents.

These four moves may seem simple, but they all tie into a larger strategy to launch The Siding with a bang.

Through attracting the consumer’s attention, piquing their interest and influencing their decision-making, we were able to inform action – creating brand awareness and getting tangible results for our client.