How to Triple Your Online Engagement and Sales

February 27, 2018
Heard Agency

Here at Heard, we’re big believers in the power of digital media. Whether your business is property development, FMCG, B2C, or cosmepharma, it’s never been more important for your brand to know how to leverage social media and other online platforms.


But where to begin? We asked Heard’s in-house experts how to make the most of online advertising to drive real results, and the answer was surprisingly simple: find the right tools to get the job done well.


Liam, our dedicated Digital Strategist, and Jess, our Media Strategist/Buyer, use digital marketing tools every day to research, analyse, build and optimise our clients’ digital engagement. They share their all-time, top-five, desert-island favourites below:

Jess, Media Strategist/Buyer

Google Keyword Planner

You’ve probably heard of this keyword search engine – it’s an essential part of planning SEM campaigns. It offers accurate data on search volumes, competition, and suggested bids. Jess recommends Keyword Planner for broadening your keyword horizon: ‘It can offer alternative words that still link back to what we were trying to look for, which gets us to think a little differently for clients.’


This tool covers both your SEO and SEM needs. Its keyword explorer feature proposes keyword suggestions based on a word, a website, or even a specific section of a website. Liam’s pro tip for mastering Moz is to filter results to show suggestions that are questions. ‘Google these questions and if no one is providing a good answer to them, you have yourselves a great piece of content that will rank organically.’

Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is your man for defining your target audience. We’ve started using this tool for all our clients to explore data, generate and test hypotheses, follow up ideas, search for supporting evidence, and find usable market intelligence. ‘By knowing what sort of media our target audiences consumes, and when and where, we can build more effective campaigns across display and social,’ says Liam.

Liam, Digital Strategist

Facebook Audience Insights

This tool works in tandem with Roy Morgan, helping you create campaigns for specific audiences. What Audience Insights adds to the mix is invaluable: hard data how many people in these audience segments have Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. As Liam says: ‘There’s no use building a Facebook campaign for an audience with only a handful of people in it.’

Facebook Pixel

It was hard for us to narrow down the top use for this tool, simply because it can do so much. Its powerful integration technology monitors user behaviour on a website, allowing you to build an array of custom audiences for your specific marketing needs. For example: You can create an audience to retarget users that abandoned cart on your e-commerce site; or a lookalike audience of people with similar online behaviours to users who completed a purchase on your website – making them highly likely to shop with you too.

There’s more where this came from. Digital marketing is just one of the services we offer at Heard Agency, so get in touch with us today for an obligation-free discussion about your brand’s potential online and off.

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