We’re Changing the World – One Coffee at a Time

January 31, 2018
Heard Agency

Here at Heard Agency, we started the New Year by thinking about how we can be better creatives, marketers, and all-round human beings. We already know how to Change Conventions creatively… now we’re ready to do it with our daily lifestyle.


This challenge became even more important after we did some maths on Heard’s consumption habits. The morning coffee we all need to kick-start our working day means we go through an average of 10,000 coffee cups a year!


We know that working to reduce our environmental footprint isn’t a revolutionary act. But at Heard, we believe that even the smallest step still moves you forward. Being aware and mindful of the world around us – this is a trend we’ll gladly follow.

Studies also show that giving your workplace an eco-friendly overhaul increases staff positivity and productivity, which in turn benefits our clients. So here’s how Heard is going greener this year:

·     Last Christmas, we gifted our team with their own Heard-branded reusable coffee cups and water bottles – significantly cutting down the number of non-recyclable takeaway cups and plastic bottles ending up in our bins. Our new smart cups also come embedded with tap-and-go technology, so paying for coffee is easier too.

·     Many of our team started in old-school agencies and offices, where every document is printed for review. So this year we are transitioning to an entirely digital approval process internally and with clients. By going paper-free, we can save an average of 44 trees a year!

·     Also coming soon to the Heard office: yoga classes! Our team is excited to take some time out every week and stretch it out. Yoga has heaps of health benefits that go beyond the physical: it also improves mental wellbeing and encourages mindfulness.

These changes have also inspired our team to find ways they can be more conscientious and cutdown on waste outside the office. Our account manager Alice started composting all her fruit and veg scraps, while our copywriter Rachel switched from plastic wrap to beeswax wrap. And our media planner Jess is making an effort to take walks over driving – a great activity for both body and mind.

It may feel niche now, but the trend of consumers demanding sustainability and mindfulness from their brands is on verge of becoming mainstream. Talk to us if you’re looking to use more sustainable print materials, or how we can help you digitise your marketing.Heard Agency can deliver greener marketing solutions that will work for you, your customers, and the environment.

We’re Changing the World – One Coffee at a Time
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