COVID-19 Part 3: How, Why and Where to Advertise

Gone are the days where businesses’ sole concern is outperforming their competitors and staying ahead of the game. In light of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for brands to communicate with their audience in ways that reflect new societal needs, attitudes and consumption habits. And as the pandemic produces unprecedented challenges, brands need to find innovative and cost-effective media solutions.

Don't Stop Advertising

Now is the time to re-strategise your brand’s creative and messaging, tailoring it to serve wider public interest. Further invest in digital spend to take advantage of the discounted rates, and your audience’s newfound spare time to consume. Reduced competition presents an exciting opportunity to reposition market presence with consistently relevant and meaningful advertising, that will not only help translate into direct sales, but also will advocate for a very positive brand perception. According to Forbes, brands that maintained or increased their ad spend generated more sales during and after financial recessions. For example, in the 1920s, Post was the leader in the American cereal market. However, they significantly cut back advertising budget during the Great Depression, while Kellogg’s doubled theirs, seeing a 30% sales growth and eventually taking over the category.

Aptly put by creative strategist Edward Cotton, “Every brand is now a business of public service. If they are going to act responsibly and don’t want their interruptions to be ignored and dismissed… all messaging needs to change.”

Adjust your Media Strategy & Messaging

In practical terms, how can you adjust your strategy? We’re living in a time where brands must convert relevant services to online platforms to continue operations and retain revenue streams. Offer new ways for consumers to reach you, whether through online orders, deliveries, or virtual tours. With less and less people going out, print and OOH media should be put aside for now, and a stronger focus put on expanding your social and digital presence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new creative and implement guerrilla advertising strategies to grab attention, generating brand awareness while entertaining your audience during isolation. Above all, though, ensure that your messaging responds sensitively to the crisis the world is facing.

With so much uncertainty and fear, now is the time to emerge as a reliable ally. Consumers are turning to trusted sources, not just for information and services, but also for hope. The natural inclination might feel to be to pull back, but in reality, it could be highly beneficial for both you and your community to invoke a community spirit that maintains your brand’s connection and presence with your audience.

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