3D Virtual Tours

Transport people into your world with the power of Matterport

In a saturated market, it’s harder than ever to stand out. We know that nothing sells like a genuine emotional connection, but people are time-poor and not always able to come in and experience firsthand what you are offering. Whether it be your commercial office, restaurant, hotel, apartment, or any space, really, how do you market a tangible experience through a screen?

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Offering an interactive,
3D experience, Heard
can develop a unique
virtual tour

This allows potential customers to view your space
from the comfort of their own homes. Including a 3D
virtual tour of your space is significantly more
engaging to the consumer than a traditional video,
while also giving your project more exposure to
remote and international buyers.

  • Listings with a virtual tour are 200% more likely
    to generate interest
  • 54% of audiences will not look at a listing
    unless it has virtual images (source)
  • 50% of audiences find a virtual tour very

Google street view on
another level, inside
your space

Taking care of all aspects of 360-degree visualisation-
from planning to delivery and distribution- Heard
creates your bespoke virtual tour effortlessly. After
supplying you with your high-quality 360-degree
visualisation, as well as 3D and 2D images, we make
sure that each are integrated across all platforms, so
your space can be experienced at any time.

Our Offering

Create Virtual Tours

For real-estate, retail, hotels, commercial offices
and more, offering a 360-degree immersive

End-to-end production
& project management

  • Take care of all aspects of 360-degree video
  • Planning, property styling, production & post
    production, delivery and distribution

Create bespoke &
branded content

  • Interactive, 3D virtual tours (360 interior & exterior
  • Print-ready photography – 360 degree/3D images &
    2D images
  • Schematic floor plans & site plans
  • Virtual Reality
  • 1-page website landing page

Complete Integration

Integration across all platforms with embedded
multimedia. All content is web-based, so you can
experience the 3D virtual tours anytime, anywhere
and without being required to download an app:

  • Social – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Online – Website & EDM

Analytics and
custom reporting

Property Styling

Organise property stylists to elevate your space with
Rent or Buy Packages, and the virtual tour:

  • Briefing, styling themes, mood board development,
    furniture selection, furniture bump in and out

Quotation &

Heard Agency prides itself on being upfront and
with quotations. We offer fixed-priced,
scoped services to meet your requirements. In terms
of budget, our 3D interactive visualisation services
begin at a $1,499 investment.

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