Video Production

Every video production has a different desired outcome. We focus on creating a tailored approach, depending on your vision.

This could be content for the social media-led generation, a TV commercial as part of a broader campaign, a company overview video, client testimonials, or a 360-degree walkthrough of your development. We ensure a professional outcome by executing a defined process that enables creativity in action.

Our Approach


Each client is assigned a dedicated Producer, who
is your project navigator and day-to-day contact
with the agency.

Your Producer, along with Art Directors,
Copywriters and Videographers, ensure your
requirements are understood from the beginning
to the end of the project.


We want to know everything about your creative
vision: your preferences and requirements are
fused into a unique written production brief that
paves the way for our amazing video crew. The
production brief includes timeline delivery, and
serves as our roadmap so we can deliver beyond
your expectations. It will be signed off by you
before we commence on the tools.

If you have a project you would like quoted, please
download our production brief template or give us
a call.

Conceptual Storyboarding

Based on the production brief, our creative team,
led by Senior Creatives, will establish a minimum
of two conceptual territories for production.

From here, each territory will be executed into
storyboards with scripting, suggested creative
treatments, styling, aspects, example references
and production values.

The storyboards will be presented and discussed
with you in person, with requested modifications
made after.


With signoff of the storyboard, we move into pre-
production, the phase where everything is
prepared in advance of the video shoot(s).

This includes location reconnaissance, talent
selection, wardrobe sourcing, prop
management, internal briefings, and
production run-sheet plan finalisation.
ensure all stakeholders are clear on the execution
of the production plan.


The production component is the in-field
execution of the production plan and shot list. On
the shoot day(s), the Producer will manage the
coordination of all the moving parts, including
camera operators, sound technicians, Creative/Art
Directors and talent to ensure a seamless
of the production plan.

All HD or 4K footage is backed up in the field to
ensure securitisation for future use. The footage
is then physically returned and secured at Heard
Agency for the post-production process.


This is the realisation of the final video production
output. This is driven by delivery to the agreed
and includes the application of colour
grading, sound integration, and special and
graphical effects
to the final approved output.


Once approved, the final cut will be packaged in
all required online and broadcast quality
and delivered to you both digitally and in
hard copy.

Operators &

Heard Agency boasts the expertise of professional in-house
Videographers and Producers
, who are among the best in
their field. This team has global experience and uses the
latest equipment to deliver exceptional video outcomes.

Heard Agency is also an accredited Matterport 360-degree video partner,
which includes all 360-degree camera
equipment contained in-house for cost-effective and
responsive project execution.

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