The Good Sort®: Always One Shake Ahead of the Crowd

The Australian workforce is changing and with this comes changes in behaviour, lifestyle and consumption. In the last year alone, April 2017 to April 2018, the Australia Bureau of Statistics reported the number of working women grew by 3.9% – more than twice the male employment growth of 1.8%.The Good Sort® has quickly responded to this shift and crafted delicious Go-ToMeals™ that support these hard-working women in their busy lives. These Australian-made nutritional and convenient shakes offer a 100% natural blend, packed with organic vitamins and minerals and premium-quality ingredients to balance their body and sustain their energy while on the go.

In a recent 2018 study it was found that women make up 46.9% of all employed persons in Australia. This rise of women in the workforce is across all industries and up to the C-Suite level – in fact, the number of women on ASX 200company boards has surged from 8.3% in 2009 to 27.9% in June 20182! In short: Australian women have never been more ‘on the go’ and in need a convenient, healthy meal or snack like The Good Sort®.


The Good Sort® Dairy Protein blend is uniquely packaged in a dual perforated slimline sachet that easily fits in your handbag, letting you choose between having the full sachet as an on-the-go meal or the half-serve as a quick snack. Free from added sugar, synthetic fillers, and artificial colours or flavours, all of The Good Sort’s® Go-To Meals™ are packed with the key nutrients women need every day to help achieve a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle: 14 key organic vitamins and minerals, patented probiotics, prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes, and MCT. These scientifically-proven ingredients have been handpicked to target specific health benefits to balance your body and keep you energised for longer.

Lee Holmes, holistic food and nutrition coach and best-selling author of the Supercharged Foodseries, says The Good Sort® fits perfectly into her always-on-the-go lifestyle. ‘Like most small business owners, I lead a super-busy life and sometimes don’t get the chance to sit down and prepare a healthy meal for myself. I think of TheGood Sort® as clean, natural and fulfilling fast food – giving me a boost of energy and nourishment any time of day I need it.’

Made in Australia and founded in 2018, The Good Sort® was specifically created for busy women to gain better health, balance, and self-confidence. The Good Sort® comes in 8 delicious flavours, in both Plant based and Diary Protein options. Priced at $5.49 per sachet and Dairy options dual sachets $2.75 per snack portion, TheGood Sort® is available online only at

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About The Good Sort®: The Good Sort® brings together carefully selected ingredients that focus uniquely on gaining better health, balance, instincts and self-confidence for women. Being in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years, the Australian-made brand was born out of frustration on the lack of quality products that nourished your body without the diet mentality. The Good Sort® delivers a delicious, convenient Go-To Meal™or snack that you can have daily without taking hundreds of supplements.

Formulated by experts and tested by some ofAustralia’s leading nutritionists and naturopaths, The Good Sort® offers a100% natural blend packed with organic vitamins and minerals and premium-quality ingredients to balance your body and sustain your energy. The Good Sort® makes weight wellness and healthy eating easy. Follow @thegoodsortofficial for more information.‍

About Lee Holmes: Lee Holmes is a holistic food and nutrition coach (Adv. Cert. Food and Nutrition), a certified health and wellness coach, a qualified wholefoods chef, and a yoga teacher. She’s also the bestselling author and founder of website SuperchargedFood.  Lee’s philosophy is simple: that it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our own wellness by making small, realistic changes everyday. Lee truly believes that wellness is the key ingredient to a long life of health and happiness. Her books, Supercharged Food, Eat YourselfBeautifulSupercharged Food for KidsHeal Your Gut,Eat Clean, Green & Vegetarian, and Eat Right for YourShape and her most recent, Fast your Way to Wellness; have been created for anyone looking to overhaul their diet and increase their intake of fresh, wholesome and nutrient-rich foods, as well as the growing number of people who suffer from auto immune disorders, Crohn’s and coeliac disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis, candida, and food allergies and intolerances.