Akuna Vista Schofields
The incredibly strategic launch for the first stage of a ten-year property project.
Akuna Vista is the new master-planned community in North West Sydney by developer Defence Housing Australia (DHA). With acres to sell, it was essential to build a brand awareness that would seamlessly transition into leads and conversions. Therefore, we meticulously scheduled a two-part, ten-week campaign blitz that firstly established Akuna Vista in the market, then created urgency around its Stage 1 sales launch. The strategy behind this campaign began by defining our target audience, using tools such as Roy Morgan to understand their habits and aspirations. We were able to determine which advertising mediums, both on and offline, would be the most engaging and effective for reaching this audience during their daily lives. With a highly tactical media plan in place, we ensured nobody in our target market missed the arrival of Akuna Vista Schofields.
lots sold at sales launch
leads from our work, making up the majority of total leads
We continually monitored and optimised all campaign media as we saw results, keeping our message agile and resonant.
The number of registrations for the Stage 1 sales launch exceeded supply – requiring the client to bring forward extra releases to meet demand and Heard being engaged for Akuna Vista, Stage 2.
The sales launch culminated in a cinematic adventure that aired alongside 2018’s biggest blockbusters.

For the sales launch campaign, we produced a highly-emotive TVC showing a family ‘building life long memories’ at Akuna Vista. It strategically screened over 300 times in cinemas across key locations, during the opening weekend for highly-anticipated movies including Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity Wars. The TVC tied perfectly into sales launch event, which likewise created an emotive experience– allowing families to be transported to their future life in Akuna Vista while touring the display homes.

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