Akuna Vista: Stage 2

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Using our own forward momentum for the second stage of land releases.

Following the success of Akuna Vista’s Stage 1 release, Heard was engaged again by Defence Housing Australia (DHA) to re-enter the market with its second stage. With an established brand awareness and aesthetic, it was important to maintain the first release’s look and feel, while building on it to further the narrative.

The first stage’s campaign focused on a highly emotive TVC that showed a family ‘building lifelong memories’ at Akuna Vista. Continuing the story, we introduced a new family to meet the first across all channels, inviting the audience to follow their Akuna Vista journey from the beginning.

It was essential to build on our own existing story and continue the emotional drive to sales.

Wanting to extend from the aesthetic of the previous stage, which featured a purple to blue gradient, we decided to execute a blue to green gradient across all channels. We envisioned being able to use succeeding colour gradients across the following stages, to visually communicate a continuation of the narrative and easily identify a new stage release. Using our own in-house production, video and photography team, we crafted a highly poignant campaign with the evocative taglines “for life’s everyday moments”, “for life’s shared moments” and “for life’s playful moments.”

 Strategically using real families for our key visuals, the results were poignant and visually striking. It also has a logical tie back to the overarching Akuna Vista brand: each element of our direction of the second stage was designed to elevate our previous campaign while furthering the existing storyline.

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