Bubze UX
We’d developed a spot-on branding for Bubze. The next step: perfecting its online experience.
Bubze.com.au is an online boutique offering stylish accessories for newborn babies and infants. In a bid to create a more enjoyable shopping experience (and thereby increasing sales), we took the Bubze website on an in-depth UX journey through four phases: Research, Define, Ideate, and Prototype.
Phase 1: Research

Our process began by better understanding our target market. We collated a wealth of insights through ‘mummy’ focus groups, online surveys, and one-on-one interviews. This lengthy research was crucial in helping us identify Bubze’s core user types and their needs, motivations and purchase behaviours.

Phase 2: Define

With the above analysis complete, we were able to map out clear user journeys for each of our three user types. We developed detailed personas foreach in order to distinguish potential barriers in their respective purchasing cycles. This helped us form a full picture of which areas of the website had the most issues and opportunities.

Phase 3: Ideate

In this phase, we prioritised, then ideated potential solutions to our users’ key concerns. For example, we ascertained that confusion around sizing caused a large proportion of purchase hesitation – so we created a simple visual guide to allow users to quickly and intuitively work out the correct shoe size, thereby giving them peace of mind to complete their purchase.

In our fourth and final phase (Prototype) our solutions were brought to life in website wireframes, which were then visualised into design concepts that aligned with the previously-defined Bubze brand.

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