Buckethead Session Ale

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Branding a beautiful new beer with a refreshing summertime vibe that brings the fun to the party.

Tribe Breweries, parent company of the well-known and loved Stockade Brew Co, is home to the largest number of independent craft beers in Australia. They recently added 2 additions to their brands: Mornington Peninsula Breweries and Pabst Blue Ribbon. As they grew and expanded, they partnered with Coles to produce a competitively priced, mid-strength beer brand that would be exclusively stocked in First Choice Liquor. Heard was engaged to create a brand identity that would appeal to new craft drinkers aged 20-35, with a heavy skew towards males. Thus, Buckethead was born: a Session Ale with an easy-drinking profile that appeals to new craft beer drinkers. After looking at different naming territories, we landed on a summery, light theme. We crafted a brand that features a bright and humorous back story, and paired it with a design inspired by a blue sand bucket. The packaging pops off the shelf, being bright in colour and distinctly different to other brands in the market, and is reminiscent of the refreshing banter best shared with friends.

Buckethead plays on a summery theme, using a sand bucket in the design to evoke a sense of fun and refreshment.

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