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Coastal Majesty

Hong Kong based, Esteem Developments were new to the Sydney market, so their first project carried the huge responsibility of not only selling well, but also establishing the company’s reputation. The role we played was creating and marketing a brand that instilled credibility whilst gaining cut through in the incredibly competitive Gosford market.

Its biggest advantage is phenomenal design and craftsmanship. These apartments without doubt sit above the competition, so playing in the territory of luxury and exclusivity bore the name Castillo – Spanish for “castle” and symbolic of a stunning residence sitting atop the hill overlooking the bay like a majestic fort.

A distinctive, yet understated confidence, married with luxury – Castillo Gosford is a class unto its own.

Inspired by its coastal location, the palette is organic and soothing, yet regal in the way we executed it.

A sophisticated font is elevated in gold tones, and the clean modern layout of collateral let the exquisite CGIs sell themselves. Slick gold iconography cut through to articulate the outstanding key features and benefits of the property.

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