The complete digitisation and strategic streamlining of a complex data system.
NSW Health’s Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL) is a government organisation that facilitates the linking of highly-sensitive medical data between researchers and medical organisations across Australia. We were engaged to overhaul the cumbersome process into a responsive and scalable online interface with real-time data linkage updates – dramatically minimising the inefficient manual labour previously required. Our project management tools included cloud timelines so that both parties were clear on each other’s responsibilities at all times, bolstered by Basecamp for agile yet orderly communication. We also ensured our work strictly adhered to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines, allowing hearing and vision-impaired users to easily access CHeReL.
We defined and produced three clear journeys for CHeReL’s primary user types.

Our approach involved extensive User Experience workshops. In these sessions we examined the current platform’s key features and issues, plus the needs and online behaviours of the user types. From there, we formulated a rough site map and content hierarchy – creating a full paper prototype to test the different user journeys and all variables. This prototype determined the unique purpose of each webpage and overall flow of relevant information that drove the desired action for each user type.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Heard Agency for any marketing, UX, UI, and front-end developer work. They are awesome at what they do.” Maria Theochari, NSW Health

Next, we developed an interactive wireframe that mimicked the online environment. This wireframe was thoroughly tested with stakeholder focus groups, which  determined that the new interface would actually empower users in their potentially life-changing research and evaluation work –rather than hinder them, as was previously the case.

An important milestone of this project was the development of a clean, contemporary style guide for our refreshed CHeReL identity. This document ensured stakeholders undoubtedly understood how to utilise the new brand assets in the correct context for their long-term integrity.

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