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Uniting two well-established cricket clubs – each with a unique heritage – as one youthful brand.

The recent merger of the Balmain Tigers and South Sydney Cricket Clubs brought together 800 players, from juniors to semi-professional cricketers. But with participation numbers on a steady decline across the sport, the BSSCC looked to modernise and re-evaluate their acquisition and retention strategies. This included a new identity with single mascot that defines the values and attitudes of the club. We were thrilled to offer our services pro bono, to support this sport which has brought so much joy and unity to our country for so many decades.

Retaining the club colours of orange and green, we brought together the stories of both Balmain and South Sydney in a coat of arms that leaves a powerful, inspiring impression.

The new BSSCC logo references both ‘native’ animals and the areas’ respective working-class histories. The brickwork kilns of Sydney Park have long been associated with the South Sydney’s former home grounds; rabbits are also been synonymous with the history of the area. Both made for perfect icons for this aspect of the club. Stevedores were selected to represent Balmain as these tireless dock workers played a pivotal role in setting up Sydney’s economy at the beginning of the century. And according to local folklore, tigers once roamed the Balmain area – so this inherently strong, fierce and majestic creature was elevated to symbolise the new BSSCC as its mascot.

As part of our rebranding strategy, we produced an emotive recruitment video that sold this winning club as one that young people would feel proud to be a part of.

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