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How a brand reimagined 
for this accounting firm 
has the potential to 
deliver a new future.

Accounting practice DAAC is in the business of transforming lives with smart accounting and investment decisions. With their shift into the real estate investment sector, it was our job to transform their identity to pave the new path to prosperity for their exisiting and prospect clients. DAAC Property catalyse long-term financial well-being for their clients. They stand out in Australia’s competitive marketplace making exclusive personal investment opportunities accessible, breaking down the complexity of numbers, providing expert due diligence, research and insight and aligning opportunities directly with their client’s personal goals.

Opening up new unparelled investment opportunities

In the residential real estate market, DAAC Property is at a critical juncture of business, so our role was to maximise branding to accelerate growth by reconnecting with existing clients and setting them up for a confident introduction to a whole new audience.

Freedom through partnership.

Our strategic creative choices needed to represent a new future in the property investment market, one which holds new potential and opportunity. We needed to emulate strength and a road to be travelled together, and at its nucleus – a sense of freedom to create the life of one’s choosing through information empowerment.

Our brand reignites the organisations position, cements their values, and enables their vision. DAAC Property can unlock the future that Australians only dare to dream of. And that future is now here.

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