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Boosting the brand awareness and perception for Australia’s foremost engineering body among employers and students.

Created and run by engineers, Engineers Australia (EA) have used their expertise to advocate on the behalf of engineers for over 95 years. They are the largest, most diverse, and most legitimate engineering body in Australia – exclusively delivering the Chartered Status, Australia’s highest qualification. However, lower-cost suppliers had begun entering the Australian market offering engineering certifications that met minimum government requirements.

We needed to reinforce EA’s position as the peak body for professional qualifications in Australia and South-East Asia. Our research showed that there was very low awareness amongst students and graduates that they can become EA members prior to having gained industry experience. We also discovered that there was an inherent scepticism around the value (both monetary and practical) of joining. Therefore, we needed to brand EA as being part of something meaningful that could elevate their career potential.

We segmented our target markets, allowing us to tailor the conversation to what was important for them.

We positioned EA as an aspirational organisation that provides many paths and opportunities for a prosperous career in the engineering sector. We utilised bold colours and introduced graphics to bring the brand to life, as well as clearly communicating the process of becoming an EA member.

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