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Framing South Village’s final release as an exciting escape from reality

One of seven buildings within the impressive residential/retail development of South Village, Deicorp engaged Heard to frame Escape as an invaluable opportunity. Aiming to target first home buyers, the identity had to be dynamic and bright to stimulate market activity in a time of economic unsureness. Pulling from the many amenities of the development, the concept for Escape was found in the name: a welcoming haven. Calling out the myriad features that life within South Village has to offer, we strategically framed Escape as a true getaway in the sunny Kirrawee. Gleaning inspiration from a lively, millennial palette, Escape’s branding made sure to portray the apartment as a connected and energetic place to live. The resulting identity is as memorable and vibrant as the lifestyle that Escape offers.

Escape’s tagline, ‘Kick yaaaas apartments’, highlights the fun and youthful nature of the building.

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