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Positioning Newcastle to an Asian market as the tourism destination for IVF solutions.

Genea is an Australian-based fertility clinic that virtually doubled IVF success rates for patients in the mid-nineties. Their latest innovation is a one-of-a-kind three-week medical experience in idyllic Newcastle, combining science and holistic lifestyle therapies to create a positive environment for patients who seek assistance with conceiving. In 2016, China lifted their one-child policy – presenting a huge opportunity for Genea Newcastle.

Our UX process focused on demystifying and breaking down barriers to the IVF process. Guided by Genea’s ‘professional but relatable’ brand guidelines, we utilised infographics and icons within an extremely intuitive navigation to break down complex information into inviting content. We also ensured the website was fully responsive for mobile and tablet use, as well as optimised for organic search with a strong selection of keywords in English and Mandarin.

For marketing something as personal as IVF, extreme tact and care is required.

We needed to create a true emotional connection that went beyond the webpage. Tapping into insights about the increased chance of pregnancy in reduced-stress settings, we produced a tourism-style video that transported the target market to the calming shores and boutique city hubs of Newcastle.

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