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IGoT is a fresh brand identity that makes a government service recognisable, accessible and relatable to all Australians.

The office of Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT) is an independent government body who address complaints about customer service procedures and policies of the Australian Taxation Office and Tax Practitioners Board. However, there is very little public awareness of their valuable services, so IGT decided to augment their traditional communications channels with social media – led by a reinvigorating update to their brand identity.

Our first step was to define IGT’s unique audience segments in order to contextualise and strategically drive branding solutions. During the creative experimental phase, we struck upon the abbreviation IGoT: an instantly-approachable modular device that spoke to the differing demographics. Our new name was accented with three coloured circles, to represent both IGT’s key service offering as well as their key audience segments. We developed a strong brand strategy that would seamlessly translate to the digital space for community engagement.

We sub-divided the target market into three clear, contrasting segments:

small business owners experiencing difficulties in constant changes to business tax law; young adults aged 18-25 who are not familiar with filing taxes generally; and people aged 50+ who are not tech-savvy and run into issues when trying to complete their taxes online.

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