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Giving dates the royal treatment.

In the Middle East, dates are seen as an essential part of everyday culture. A significant symbol of culture, custom and religion, the fruit represent wealth and respect, while also being highly revered for their health benefits. With dates being popular gifts for special occasions, it was essential to create stunning gift arrangements. We were engaged by Kingdom Dates to produce packaging that would open the Australian market to the product, while resonating with the Middle Easters immigrant demographic.

Strategically rejuvenating the tired branding, we positioned Kingdom Dates as a nutritious and luxurious indulgence. We developed a new identity to take the company global, while still remaining authentic to the products’ origins. Using rich gold and warm tones, the new branding exudes understated confidence and elegance, which aligns perfectly with the majestic name.

We presented Kingdom Dates as a delectable and healthy luxury.

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