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Changing the way we pay for surgery

Layby is revolutionising the cosmetic and medical industry by bringing the best doctors to patients’ fingertips. Through an innovative prepayment system, they can now easily plan, prepare and pay for elective surgery from the comfort of their own home. Cosmetic treatments can be costly and seemingly unobtainable to the average person.  Our challenges were to cut through the noisy ‘buy now pay later’ market, and to overcome the fear around an increasingly commoditised industry.

We set out to educate the market in a fun and inclusive way, whilst creating upmost credibility and trust.

For longevity and to portray the desired confidence and professionalism, we developed a brand that would stand confidently beside other innovators, even in tech, because this business concept is bigger than beauty. The language evokes empowerment, to encourage starting ones own movement; achieveing ones personal goals and under ones own terms. Layby: Pay it your way.

The video conveyed the new way forward in layby cosmetics, featuring all sorts of everyday people, of natural beauty, to communicate the ease and accessibility to everyone.

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