Loafer Pale Ale

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Helping a craft beer rise to a higher purpose.

Tribe Breweries, home to the largest number of independent craft beers in Australia, were partnering with Woolworths for an exciting joint project. Noting the significant bread waste issue for Woolworths stores across the country, Tribe developed a Pale Ale to sustainably incorporate recycled bread that would otherwise go to waste. Releasing the private label exclusively in Woolworths bottle shops, Heard was engaged to develop an inspiring identity to match.

Landing on the name ‘Loafer’, the beer’s resourcefulness became the focus of the brand. With a light-hearted and pun-filled brand story, we crafted an identity that was entertaining and informative. Wanting to appeal to environmentally conscious, yet fun beer drinkers, we designed Loafer’s packaging with a minimalist feel.

The name ‘Loafer’ is a play on the use of bread as the base of the beers.

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