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Designing a brand identity that would speak volumes for an architectural firm formerly relying on word-of-mouth.

First established as AB Works, our client is a Sydney-based architecture studio renowned for designing commercially-minded projects for large-scale developers. Over 16 years they had accumulated new business only via word-of-mouth, but were looking for a new way to communicate their strong track record for maximising developer yields.

The brandology behind AB Works was unfounded – so we had a real opportunity to elevate the company from the sole proprietorship it started as, into the professional organisation it had evolved into. By renaming the company Loucas Architects we paid homage to the firm’s founder, as well as create clarity of the service they offer.

Inspired by the long shadows created in modern architecture, the fluid angles of our logomark illustrate Loucas’ collaborative nature and positive community impact.

The Loucas Architects brand was best brought to life on its sleek, ultramodern website.

In an unusual approach to web design, we led with the colour black – again mirroring architectural forms and conscientiously using negative space to let the content breathe. We prioritised Loucas’ folio, letting their capabilities and credibility speak for itself through their work.

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