Lust Liquor

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An innovative beverage that gives the liquor retail market a new lust for life.

Lust Liquor is not your average alcoholic beverage. Its key ingredients are an amino acid blend for muscle recovery, Acetyl L-Carnitine which is an active fat burner, and Glutamine for boosting brain health and athletic performance – all of which gives Lust Liquor an immediate point of difference in the market as a new-generation alcoholic sports drink. We were engaged to design Lust’s logo and packaging to target young people aged 18-30 years with an active, health-conscious lifestyle.


Rather than try to capture the traditional high-energy look and feel of a sports drink, we went for a softer, more aspirational aesthetic – the clean and minimal millennial style. Our design features carefully-crafted typography and plenty of negative clean space, highlighting the product’s health benefits and flavours. A single-stroke style reminiscent of neon signs and our retro badge logo is a wink to the naughty and ‘underground’ connotations of Lust’s name.

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