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Giving a new development in St Mary’s the opportunity to bloom.

Approached by developer Tricon, Heard was given the opportunity to shape a property’s identity from the ground up. Having recently acquired land in the burgeoning area of St Mary’s, Tricon wanted to portray the development as an unmissable opportunity. Taking cues from the forward momentum of the surrounding area, we named the development “Marigold on Queen”. The bright gold flower of the logo, symbolising vitality and growth, lends itself to the rich and fertile nature of the neighbourhood. The marigold flower, reminiscent of sunshine and positivity, is also known for encouraging adjacent plants to grow healthy and strong, which was a perfect message for such a promising project. Adding “on Queen”, as the development is on Queen Street, provided a layer of sophistication that is representative of this 34-unit boutique residence. The following collateral all successfully echoed the luxurious and refined style of Marigold.

Focusing on the development’s flourishing future, a delicate and beautiful identity was crafted.

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