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Building the brand and go-to-market strategy for an innovative shelving system.

Morspace – a customisable wall shelving solution – is the brainchild of an astute businessman specialising in building and construction. We were engaged to sell this game-changing product to the B2C market, which is already packed with cheaper, lower-quality options. Yet our strategy bypassed B2C: we recognised that we needed to build Morspace’s credibility and awareness with mass-market retailers first, particularly in the US. Therefore, we developed a minimalist yet distinctive identity reminiscent of a high-end European brand, to elevate Morspace brand above its competitors. Off the back of our branding and delivery of sales collateral, two major retailers expressed interest in stocking Morspace ahead of launch.

We tapped into the insight that our target demographic aspires to declutter and organise their spaces – creating an emotional driver for purchase.

To convey Morspace’s functionality and form, weproduced an eye-catching 3D animation that demonstrated how the product can beinstalled in various living spaces and storefronts.

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