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We helped this self-help program maximise its opportunities with an exceptionally improved UX/UI design.

myCompass is a free online self-help program run by Black Dog Institute (BDI) for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and stress. Since launching in 2012 their brand and website had become dated and unable to provide users with an easy journey through the program.

Developing this new website required a complete UX/UI overhaul, drastically improving site navigation through intuitive web design. By rebuilding the website onto a fully mobile-responsive platform, we created a flexible online space that ensured the target market could interact with the self-help tools in a stress-free way. It also allowed for the easy customisation of new modules, making long-term maintenance and optimisation more economical.

myCompass deals with sensitive issues, so we used insights to create respectful touchpoints throughout.

Our refreshed brand cues featured a north-facing arrow and upbeat colour palette, suggesting progress and positivity.

We delivered a full website design for BDI’s backend web developers well ahead of schedule.

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