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A sophisticated brand for a sun tanning accelerant

A brand-new product, Heard Agency was engaged to develop branding and packaging for Mykonian Sun. We were tasked to emulate the natural beauty of the Greek island from which it is inspired: Mykonos.

“We’ve captured the very rays
of the golden, Greek sunlight
and bottled it.”

There was a clear gap in the market for a quality tanning accelerant with natural properties. The mother and son duo behind the brand not only heavily invested in researching the quality Australian ingredients, but also set out to help protect skin from sun damage, while still achieving a glowing bronzed outcome.


Following thorough market research, we zeroed in on the simple but resounding insight that our millennial target market favours clean, ethical products, so our design needed to mirror their values of lifestyle and health. Our mission was therefore to momentarily transport the consumer to the stunning natural scenery and lifestyle of Mykonos, while highlighting the vegan, highly effective ingredients with natural properties.


The outcome is a logo design that pays homage to the architectural and natural environmental elements of stone, sand and ocean that are synonymous with Greece. By focusing the brand on the essence of Mykonian natural beauty, we were able to tick the brand boxes for the target market.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure
working with Heard Agency, who exceeded all
expectations and demonstrated an effortless
heart and soul of our brand."

“Their belief in our product, commitment and dedication to bringing our vision to life was very impressive, inspiring and most appreciated.

Thank you for executing and delivering exceptional results, giving us a strong brand that we can introduce to the world with utmost confidence.”

Helen Stavrou – Owner Mykonian Sun

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