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A strategic website redesign to restore community confidence and an improved experience with a government body.

The Office of Local Government (OLG) is the organisation responsible for all 128 local government districts in NSW. Like most government agencies, their website needed to communicate the latest legislation and information – however, a once-concise user experience had been buried under the constant influx of new content. We were brought on to strategically review and redevelop it in order to help users find what was relevant to them faster and more efficiently.

Without any data or insights, our first step was a detailed audit to determine what worked and what didn’t. We immediately implemented site-wide heat maps and Google tracking to analyse user behaviour. We also conducted surveys with targeted focus groups throughout the process. Ultimately, we were able to develop an entirely new site architecture with two distinctive journeys for the contrasting user types (the public and council).

“We found Heard’s strategic oversight, high-level communication skills and flexibility invaluable, and integral to the overall success of this project.”

Chris Garcia, OLG

As the brand was launching solely online, its aesthetic needed to be accessible, while still retaining an elite, relaxing atmosphere that resonated with our target audience.

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