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Lifting up a property developer to the peaks of success within the Central Coast.

Pinnacle Construction Group are a well-established builder from Sydney. However, with multiple developments planned for the NSW Central Coast, they were seeking to maximise their opportunities in this emerging growth corridor. We were engaged to produce a brand identity and integrated marketing strategy that establishes Pinnacle as a community-centric developer with strong local values and an expanding range of service offerings, driving leads for future projects.

Our first step was to transition the Pinnacle brand story from construction to a more emotive focus on their development and lifestyle benefits – aptly done by dropping ‘Construction Group’ from their name. The distinctive new logo celebrated Pinnacle’s position at the top of the ‘mountain’, supported by a bolder interpretation of their existing brand palette. We echoed Pinnacle’s achievements with the brand proposition The Peak of Living; also speaking to their customers’ property aspirations.

A major component of this new identity was an invested community strategy that would create buyer confidence in Pinnacle.

Our sponsorship opportunities each targeted a unique audience, such as hot rod event Chromefest and the A-League’s Central Coast Mariners.

We widely communicated the developer’s track record and community ties by publishing advertorials across local media.

This not only increased Pinnacle’s exposure and brand awareness, but also cemented their property credentials and investment potential.

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