Resetting a respected fire and safety brand by quelling consumer confusion.
With over a century of experience selling fire and safety equipment, Quell’s mission is to ensure Australian homes are at their safest. However, the company noticed consumers were unclear which of the myriad of smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and other safety products they should purchase for their individual needs. We were engaged to tackle this confusion head-on. As our target audience was too broad to categorise, we instead focused on categorising the Quell product range. We sorted each product by its location in the family home, applying a colour code to every room and creating a simplified brand mechanic that the consumer could instantly relate to. This easy-to-understand graphic device was carried through refreshed packaging, point of sale stands, and trade show display booths.
Off the back of this branding reset, we developed the Live Well with Quell campaign. These cutesy animations further simplified the subject matter by showcasing the products’ wide variety of applications in and out of the home.
We also maximised seasonal opportunities by creating thumb-stopping social content for daylight savings, creating a continuity of both messaging and branding.
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