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Creating buzz around a natural, organic honey brand

Meluka Honey, farmed in the Jendale forests of New South Wales, infuses their products with the powerful and beneficial properties of ancient Melaleuca Alternifolia tea trees. Unfortunately, the similarity to ‘Manuka Honey’ created confusion in the market, so Heard was engaged to rebrand the product, with emphasis on the exceptional quality. Highlighting the natural and organic processes used to produce the honey, the name ‘Rawhive’ was chosen to emphasise the respect that the farmers have for the surrounding fauna. Utilising black as a primary brand colour provides a striking contrast with the metallic font treatment, creating a premium feel, yet the simple font and flora illustration brings it back to nature.

The Rawhive brand was developed with scale and flexibility in mind, the colour palette and typography carefully crafted to work harmoniously for different products and packaging.

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