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Giving the shining jewel of Gosford the marketing to match.

Following the success of rebranding Pinnacle’s other Gosford project, Merindah, Heard was brought on board to craft a new brand identity that aligned perfectly with each of Pinnacle’s developments on offer. Sapphire Apartments, a premium development overlooking the beautiful Point Frederick, needed to have the same overarching brand synergy, while positioning itself as a luxury residence in an incomparable location. What set Sapphire apart were the high-end nature of all amenities. Featuring spacious, penthouse-style living, water views, a gym, sauna, spa and balcony plunge pools, we decided to focus on the upgrade in lifestyle that potential customers would be able to capitalise on. Calling out each feature in the master brochure, Sapphire is presented as a highly exclusive and unmissable opportunity in the booming Central Coast region.

Highlighting Sapphire’s luxurious features, a hotel-esque identity was created for an air of sophistication.

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