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A clean-cut new look for English men’s shaving oil, about to launch in the Australian market.

Based in Henley, England, Somersets is a family-owned and operated company specialising in men’s shaving oil who are launching one of their flagship products in Australia. We were engaged to facilitate this launch, using the opportunity to freshen up their packaging and introduce the product’s USP to a new market.

While the tiny bullet-shaped bottle posed some design limitations, we embraced the challenge to use the unique real estate to best sell the Somersets story. Rather than diverge from the brand’s British heritage, we chose to elevate it as our key message, renaming the product as ‘English Shaving Oil’. Drawing inspiration from the geometric shapes and bold colours of nautical flags, our packaging paid homage to Somersets’ regatta sport culture and vintage style while embracing contemporary design trends – creating a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic with long-term salability.

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