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Live Bolder

Kirrawee’s South Village is an unrivalled hub of contemporary living. The project experienced massive success following its highly-anticipated launch, with 70% of apartments sold and earning Silver for Best Visual Identity in Property at the Transform Awards Asia Pacific. However, despite the initial brand recognition, marketing fatigue saw an eventual slow in sales.

We reinvigorated sales leads with a brand refresh. This ambitious mixed-use development has been staged over 5 years, so we ensured we leveraged the established brand recognition and integrity.

The core message, “feel the village vibe”, transformed into “bold, interconnected living”.

While the design aesthetic appears contrasting, we remained true to the original ethos, so each aspect of the branding was simply amplified. South Village’s exceptional convenience and community culture are promoted more confidently through bolder colours and shapes.

The stylised lines visually articulate the interconnectivity of the village life on offer.

What was once a soft pastel palette are now bright gradients, evoking the liveliness this unique community brings to Kirrawee’s shifting landscape. The new, vibrant palette also highlights the individualistic, yet harmonious qualities of the seven buildings within the village.

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