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Invigorating the market for
a renewable energy company.

TEC-C, an Australia-based renewable energy company, focuses on developing and constructing products of solar energy. While they have previously constructed several successful projects around the country, their latest venture, Lang’s Crossing Solar Farm, required a new level of awareness and engagement. Hoping to raise a significant amount of capital through external investors, Heard was engaged to produce collateral that would be visually engaging and informative. Due to the highly complex nature of the project, it was essential to keep all information as digestible as possible. Crafting a brochure, microsite and presentation, we ensured that all material was approachable and straight to the point for a time-poor audience, all while illustrating more technical details with helpful infographics. Also crafting a unique colour palette and logo for the Lang’s Crossing Solar Farm, the creative is memorable and impactful.

Using an orange and blue colour palette, the premium nature of the project was communicated, invoking a sense of excitement.

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