The Banks Rockdale
A showcase of the dynamic diversity within South Sydney, centering on one dining, retail and residential precinct.
Deicorp’s development in Rockdale features three apartment buildings, separated by a pedestrian laneway lined with restaurants and retail options. Beyond its centralised location and abundance of amenities, we envisioned The Banks as the heart of Rockdale. The bayside suburb has evolved over the years, always embracing the many different cultures calling it home. Based on this insight, we sought to promote the richness and diversity of a Rockdale lifestyle for The Banks’ identity.
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Inspired by the area’s significant Asian population, we created a ‘Neo Tokyo’ mood: neon lights, polished concrete, exotic street food, and endless energy.

The brand colour palette balances a bold hero orange with elegant earthy tones, referencing the surrounding native scenery. As a further nod to the area’s history and layer of contrast, the project was named after Sir Joseph Banks – who introduced the iconic eucalyptus tree to Australia.

Food is a universal language, so we established The Banks as Rockdale’s newest culinary hub. We compiled an ‘eat guide’ designed to excite and appetise, and produced a series of short videos highlighting local eateries.
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