The Good Sort
Breaking through a busy marketplace with the launch of an all-natural health brand.
The Good Sort is a new range of wellness shakes made with 100% natural ingredients, immediately giving them an edge in a crowded marketplace packed with synthetic, low-quality protein powders. We were engaged to officially launch this exciting brand with a bang and create product awareness among their target market of health-conscious working women and mothers who are always on the go. With a strong focus on The Good Sort’s ease of use and convenience, our integrated launch campaign included a product photoshoot that demonstrated the products’ unique points of difference. PR activity was key for this campaign; we widely distributed press releases and media kits to key health and beauty editors. We blitzed the target audience across their favourite magazines and social media profiles, supported by a blend of organic and paid online advertising. This strategy ensured our message fed into the media channels used by our core demographic to seek health and beauty advice.
readers of Women’s Health featuring our print ads
attendees at a Dendy Cinemas sampling event
readers of Wellbeing featuring our print ads
We engaged nutrition author and health coach Lee Holmes to be The Good Sort’s brand ambassador, further driving online activation for the target audience.
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