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Social enterprise for sustainable community economic impact in PNG.

WAL is a Papua New Guinean company for social enterprise – aimed at not only producing quality agricultural products through local business, but also integrating and ensuring the broader community prospers from it. Their inaugural business is the Community Piggery Enterprise that provides homegrown formulated feedstock using a community feed farmer and out grower model to produce village pork for PNG and eventually export markets.

We were required to create a modern and inspirational brand, whilst resonating with the Hela Province that is grounded in ancient village culture. It also needed to be scalable to encompass not just livestock, but other agriculture businesses like crop farming. The compounded challenge was the requirement to produce something simple and memorable, yet highly functional because of the application on a multitude of mediums from signage, to vehicles, packaging, marketing material and more.

The colour pallet, while contemporary, is actually founded on earthy tones synonymous with PNG. The hand illustrated icon in the logo pays homage to the pig, an unparalleled cultural icon of the region, but purposely abstract in style to encompass broader livestock like cattle. It was also created to be able to stand alone as an acronym/icon, which in time will become the hero brand asset once the organisation is more established and recognised.

To create excitement and diversity in the brand, the language encompasses an extended colour pallet, and wallpaper and iconography libraries, that can be swapped in and out for different campaigns or applications.

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