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Opulence at every 
gold point

The incredibly established Castle Hill has a certain suburban royalty about it. Its proximity to the city, exceptional amenities, and space are but a few reasons its average property value sits at the higher end of the scale and continues to increase.

With the location box ticked, along with opulent architecture – our job was to wrap this project up in a compelling story to lure the discerning buyer we targeted.

Encapsulating both the grandeur of the development, whilst acknowledging the emotional need to feel at home.

Tapping into the insight that one’s home is one’s castle, and leveraging what makes the aspirational target market tick, bore “Chateau”. A luxurious development in Castle Hill with privileged amenities, and just 40 minutes away from the CBD: a lifestyle here is escapism but also community living at its finest.

Befitting of the grandeur of the development, whilst also emulating warmth and welcome – the sweeping design is set in a bed of champagne pink with gold finishes. Tailored typography assets bolster the brand language to help call out key selling points.

A château (French pronunciation: [ʃɑto]; plural: châteaux) is a manor house or residence of the lord and lady of the manor, or a country house of nobility or gentry.

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